We were in Semester Two!

Here's Emalyna ! Yeah , this is my second semester at Uitm KBM.
Each picture have their own reason :D 

They And Them :')


Simple home cooked. Credited to Fariza, Nana and Irna.

Here me, I'm standed here without tears :')

I wish I could be an Accountant someday.

They look matured , haha. Just macam lecturer kan masing masing ? 
Hewheww ~~

Trolley molley :D Mereka busy membeli belah brg dapur :) 

The sisters >_<

Hopefully, our friendship will never end :')

Haaa ! Budak ni memang selalu buat kitaa tergelak :D 
Thanks Nana, much love <3

Ain, Deq Nur and Ayu. Susah senang mereka tetap bersamaa :)

Itu lah ragam kami di semester dua :D Terima kasih kawan kawan. Sesiapa yang gambar dia takda tu sorry ekk. Ini je yang ada dalam handphone. Simple updated by NOOR EMALYNA NOOR HAMIZAN. And i really wish that all of you can be able cheer up my days here. :D